Our goal is to help you Learn English speaking so you can speak English fluently. Improve your spoken English Free!

1. Conversation-Relaxing at The Beach
2. Yel-yel GEC KHAS Kempek
3. A Letter from “Mom and Dad”…
4. Greetings = Salam
5. Speech: How to face globalization era
6. Classroom expressions = Pembicaraan dalam kelas.
7. Identifying objects = Mengenal barang-barang.
8. Introductions and courtesies I Perkenalan dan keramahan
9. Pengertian Procedure Text
10. Contoh Procedure Text – Fried rice (Nasi goreng)
11. Supporting Gramatical in Speaking
12. General Interview in Speaking
13. Sharpening Brains of Question Words
14. Expression of Thanking
15. Expressions Of Giving and Fulfilling Request
16. Expression of Giving advice and Warning
17. Expression of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction
18. Expressions of giving and asking for opinion
19. Kinds of Expression in English
20. Expression of Thanking
21. Contoh Daily Activities
22. Formal Education in Indonesia (Teks Pidato Bahasa Inggris)
23. Speech at The ASEAN-INDIA Commemorative Summit (Pidato pak SBY)
24. Teks MC (Master of Ceremony) Bahasa Inggris
25. President Obama’s Speech in Jakarta
26. Pidato Presiden Barack Obama di Jakarta
27. Belajar Vocabulary dengan Gambar – Ruang Kelas (Class Room)
28. Expressing Relief, Pain and Pleasure

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2 Responses to Speaking

  1. you have helped me dealing with ‘some kinds of expressions’. So I want to say : ‘Thank you very much’

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