This page contains English materials for the members of GEC Madrasah Aliyah KHAS Kempek. We hope to be useful for everyone in learning English.

1. English speech from student with subtitle (video)
2. English Language Speech Competition (video)
3. Advertising (mp3)
4. Advertising (pdf)
5. badcompanies (mp3)
6. badcompanies (pdf)
7. coffee (mp3)
8. coffee (pdf)
9. Direct & Indirect Speech (pdf)
10. Written Test of GEC-1-001 (pdf)
11. Transform Your Life Today.ppt
12. Dictionary of American Idioms (pdf)
13. The GEC MAGAZINE Edition 001
14. The GEC MAGAZINE Edition 002
15. English Book – Oxford Practice Grammar With Answer.pdf
16. English Book – Basic Grammar in use Book 1.pdf
17. Barron’s TOEFL iBT 12ED.pdf
18. Developing English Competencies – Kelas XII

Please, leave a suggestion or comment  after downloading.
Thank you very much for visiting our blog.


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