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JapanJapan is an island nation in East Asia. It is located on the west end of the Pacific Ocean, east of the Sea of Japan, and neighboring People’s Republic of China, Korea, and Russia. The northernmost islands in the Sea of Okhotsk, and the most southern region of the group of small islands in the East China Sea, specifically in the southern Okinawa neighboring Taiwan.

Japan consists of 6852 islands that make it an archipelago. The main islands from north to south are Hokkaido, Honshu (the largest island), Shikoku, and Kyushu. Approximately 97% of Japan’s land area was in the fourth largest island. Most of the islands of Japan is mountainous, and some of which are volcanoes. The highest mountain is Mount Fuji in Japan, which is a volcano. Japan’s population numbered 128 million people, and is ranked the 10th most populous country in the world. Tokyo is the de facto capital of Japan, and incorporated as a prefecture. Greater Tokyo is the designation for the city of Tokyo and several surrounding prefectures are located at. As the largest metropolitan area in the world, Greater Tokyo has a population of more than 30 million people.

According to the traditional mythologies, Japan was founded by Emperor Jimmu-7th century BC. Emperor Jimmu Japanese monarchy began the chain of unbroken until now. Even so, throughout its history, for most of the real power in the hands of the members of the court, the shogun, the military, and entered the modern age, in the hands of the prime minister. According to the Japanese Constitution of 1947, Japan is a constitutional monarchy under the leadership of the Emperor of Japan and the Japanese Parliament.
As the country forward in the economic field, Japan has the largest gross domestic product second only to the United States, and entered in the order of three large shopping in balance ability. Japan is a member of the United Nations, G8, OECD, and APEC. Japanese have a sufficient military force complete with modern defense systems such as AEGIS and a school a large fleet of destroyers. In overseas trade, Japan is ranked the fourth largest exporting country and ranked sixth in the world’s largest importing country. As a developed country, Japan’s population has a high standard of living (ranked eighth in the Human Development Index) and the highest life expectancy in the world according to UN estimates. In the field of technology, Japan is a developed country in the fields of telecommunications, machinery, and robotics.
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