Contoh Descriptive Text – Jakarta


Jakarta is a big city. It’s located in Java Island in Indonesia and it’s the capital city of Indonesia. Jakarta has many buildings and skyscrapers. Although Jakarta has that, Jakarta still has many old buildings such as Fatahillah Museum in Central Jakarta.

In Jakarta we can find anything. If you want to do some exercise just go to Senayan, there are many open field at there. If you want to see a beach just go to Ancol and take a boat to Seribu Island. You can also dive there. And if you want to have some shopping just go around Jakarta. Jakarta has many malls and market.

But there are some serious problem in Jakarta. Two of them is traffic jam and flood problem. Don’t be surprise if you stuck in a traffic jam in Jakarta. Traffic jam is everywhere in here. The government still try to solve this problem. They make a busway so everyone doesn’t have to ride their own vehicle. And the last thing is the flood problem. There are too many buildings in Jakarta so there’s no trees and open field left . Every road in Jakarta is aspal so water can’t go anywhere, even if the water goes to the gottery they’ll be blocked with garbage . The government always try to solve this problem but flood will come again when the rain season comes.

Hey do you know that Jakarta has an interesting culture too ? Jakarta has Betawi tribe. Their culture is interesting . They have ondel-ondel . It’s simular to a clown but ondel-ondel more scary or not funny at all and it wears the traditional clothes.


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