Contoh ‘Application Letter’ bahasa Inggris

March 3, 2013

Personnel Department Manager
PT Angin Ribut
23 Jl. Kempek-Pegagan
Cirebon, 45161

Dear Sir,

Subject: Application Letter

Reading your advertisement on KOMPAS Daily, dated March 1, 2013, I am interested to apply for the position on Credit Marketing Officer (CMO) you offer.

I am 29 years of age and I graduated from Mechanical Technique Faculty, Jenderal Achmad Yani University, Bandung, Majoring in Metallurgy.

I have an excellent health, high motivation, good communication skill, computer skill, creative, high loyalty, integrity, I am ready to work hard, motorcycle, SIM C and highly motivated to works every where.

Hopefully, you could consider my application and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
Agus Sholeh, ST

About geckhaskempek

GEC -Global English Club- is extracurricular of MA KHAS Kempek Cirebon West Java Indonesia with vision "Be Intellectual by English".
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