Teks Pidato Bahasa Inggris (Speech – Smoking)

Assalamu’alikum Wr. Wb.

First of all, how pleased I am to have an opportunity to stand here and deliver a simple speech, my speech in this morning is under the title Smoking.

It is very nice following the polemic in many magazines about smoking, after I have investigated for so long time, I think smoking is very negative for all people. Hereby  I would like to tell you reasonable argumentation about that.

The first is from health side, accordance with our investigation during this time, the negative effect of smoking 40 % is back to the smokers themselves and 60 % is to the people who are around the smokers, so the smokers make trouble not only for them but also to the other people. It is ok, there are many cigarette companies in our country that can help our country but I think it does not have meaning (useless) if our health is bad, a health is the most important thing in our life. For example we have much money but we cannot enjoy it because we are sick seriously, we may not eat that others can, oh… what a pity we are. I still remember what the wise man has said: “looking for money is easier than buying a health”. After thinking for long time I think it is true because no one sells a health in this world even doctors, the only thing they can do is curing, but it is still fifty-fifty because no doctor is able to guarantee someone will be healthy or sick, because that is Allah’s business none can intervene him.

Happy audiences, ladies and gentlemen

The smokers will be sickly or easily to get disease because their body is weak. Usually the smokers will get hard disease like suffer in the lung, cancer, impotent and so on. There are many persons who are dead caused by that disease. Oh… unbelievable that is very big deal for the smokers, I am sure the smokers have known about this unfortunately they are not aware. And for instance a husband who get impotent disease while he has a wife, of course a wife want to have child even satisfied in sexual, unfortunately it cannot fulfilled by her husband.

Happy audiences, ladies and gentlemen

The second is from religion aspect, accordance with our religion (Islam) smoking is makruh disliked by Allah, so all of cigarette companies included operational workers, sellers, distributors, and tobacco farmers are disliked by Allah because they have connection in something makruh, it is right that our government get income 40 % from every one pack of cigarette and it is good income for our government, than our government can build the facilities like transportation and communication but because the income is makruh and every makruh thing is not barokah, that is why there are many facilities that built by our government are broken quickly, my Islamic teacher ever said in my class: “tobacco is the urine of the satan” so even someone gets many profits from cigarette but it is not barokah because their profit is the urine of satan.

The third is attitude, for someone who is addicted in smoking is very difficult to leave it, then he does not have cigarette and in the same time he do not have money


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