Expressions Of Giving and Fulfilling Request

Expressions Of Giving and Fulfilling Request

Expressions of giving request:

  • Would it be possible for you to…?
  • Would it be possible for you to read this sentence for us?
  • Would you mind…?
  • Would you mind to submit your homework?
  • Could I ask you to…?
  • Could I ask you to lend her a pen?
  • Could you….?
  • Could you answer question  number one?
  • Can you…?
  • Can you open the window?
  • …, please?
  • Turn off the light, please.

Expressions of fulfilling request :

    • Yes, of course
    • Yes, just a minute.
    • Certainly.
    • Sure
    • Yeah
    • Right you are.
    • No, problem.
    • I should be delighted.
    • By all means.
    • I should be most happy.


Special Dinner

Susan : Hi dad! You look so busy. What are you doing?

Dad     : Ohh, hi, Susan! Yeah! I’m preparing dinner for your mom. A special dinner. Can you help me?

Susan : Wow! It sounds great! Sure I Can help you. What can I do for you?

Dad    : Get some chicken from the refrigerator, cut it into small pieces and wash it, please.

Susan : Yes, Dad. Just a minute.

Dad    : Umm… Susan, Could you help me to set the table? Your mom may be at home soon.

Susan : Yes, of course.

# Kamu juga bisa download Audio Special Dinner disini, untuk membantu mempraktekkan expression tersebut.

Go to the Zoo

John : Hi, Kelly!

Kelly : Hi, John! How was our plan? Do you still remember?

John : Sure! Everything goes well except the camera. Mine was broken. Could you mind to bring your camera?

Kelly   :           Certaiinly! No problem. I’ve already prepared for our luch too! Umm… What snacks do you want me to bring?

John : Wow! Awesome! Well, can you bring me a bag of potato chips and orange juice?

Kelly : Yeah! I will bring them for you. Well tomorrow please pick me up at 7 AM. I’m really excited to take a photo with giraffe, elephant, and monkey tomorrow.

John : Hahaha! Me too! See you, Kelly.

Kelly : Bye, John.

# Kamu juga bisa download Audio Go to the Zoo disini, Ingat sobat GEC KHAS Kempek, Practice makes perfect, So Keep spirit…



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