Expressions of giving and asking for opinion

Hi guys, the members of GEC KHAS Kempek, dalam kesempatan ini mari kita bersama belajar tentang Expressions of giving and asking for opinion. Kalian pernah bertukar pendapat dengan teman kamu, misalnya tentang kegiatan disekolah, kebersihan kelas, ataupun tentang masalah-masalah yang sedang kalian hadapi? Nah, expression ini bisa kamu gunakan untuk mengungkapkan pendapat/opini kamu. So, keep trying ya…

Expressions of giving and asking for opinion_GEC KHAS Kempek

Expressions of giving and asking for opinion_GEC KHAS Kempek

Asking Opinions (menanyakan pendapat) :

  • What do you think of …?
  • What are your views?
  • What is your opinion?
  • Is it right what I’ve done?
  • What about …?
  • How about …?
  • What are your ideas?
  • Do you have any thoughts on that?
  • How do you feel about that?

Giving Opinions (memberi pendapat) :

  • I’m convinced that ….
  • I reckon ….
  • I consider that ….
  • According to the expert, I ….
  • In my opinion, .…
  • I think ….
  • I think we should get a new car. (Saya pikir kita harus membeli mobil baru)
  • I don’t think we need one. (Saya pikir kita tidak butuh)
  • I believe (that) smoking should be outlawed. (Saya setuju – bahwa – merokok harus dilarang)
  • I don’t believe (that) it should be illegal. (Saya tidak setuju – bahwa – itu ilegal)
  • In my opinion, Gone with the Breeze is the best movie ever made.(Menurut saya, Gone With The Breeze adalah film terbaik yang pernah dibuat).
  • I feel that it’s the right thing to do. (Saya pikir itu hal yang tepat untuk dilakukan)
  • I don’t feel that it’s such a good idea. (Saya tidak menganggap itu ide yang baik)
  • Contoh dialog Expressions of giving and asking for opinion :

Hikmah : Hey Indana ! Do you know the hot news in our school ?
Indana : Yes, I know. About the minimum score, isn’t it ?
Hikmah : Yes, exactly. What do you think ?
Indana : I think it so high. I believe that is bad idea.
Hikmah : I don’t think so. Precisely with the 70 score, we can go into the University easily. With PMDK program.
Indana : Yes, I know it. But, for everyday it so hard.
Hikmah : Maybe, it can be the pole for us to be better than yesterday. I hope we can do it. Although it so hard.
Indana : Ok. Amin.

Soal Latihan :
Chiko : Chica, what do you think of pop music recently? I mean, do you like them?
Chica : Well, I’d say I don’t really like them. I’d prefer jazz.
Chiko : Why? I think pop music is very entertaining.
Chica : In my opinion, jazz music is relaxing

Answews the following questions based on the dialogue above:
1. Who are talking in this dialogue?
2. What are they talking about?
3. Can you find any expressions of asking opinion? What are they?
4. Can you find any expressions of giving opinion? What are they?
5. What is Chica’s opinion?
6. What is Chiko’s opinion?

Kamu bisa download RPP atau Lesson Plan tentang Expressions of giving and asking for opinion di link ini LESSON PLAN Expressions of Asking and Giving Opinion



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