Who? (hu) = Siapa?

1. Who kissed yoquestion word_gec khas kempeku at the dance?
Who are you writing to?
Who is making that noise?
Who’s reading the newspaper?
2. Who wants to go for a walk?
Who’s going out?
Who discovered America?
Who’s she talking to?
Who will come with me to the zoo?
3. Who’s helping David?
Who dares to jump over this stream?
Who’s carrying a radio?
Who saw my girl friend Shinta in the town this morning?
Who’s washing a shirt and a dress?
4. Who’s come late today?
Who’s coming there?
Who taught you to swim?
Who’s buying a comb and a brush?
Who’s selling a key?
5. Who’s studying Indonesian?
Who’s washing the dishes?
Who are you going with?
Who’s going home?
Who are you?
6. Who will do that station?
Who’s making a basket?
Who is speaking?
Who’s that girl over there?
Who made your shoes?
7. Who are you waiting for?
Who are you talking about?
Who’s coming to your party?
Who do you want to see?
Who just came in?
8. Who came to see us last week?
Who will give you a dictionary?
Who served you, Madam?
Who wants to go to Bali island?
Who does the housework at your house?
9. Who goes to bed first?
Who is your favorite singer?
Who is that beside him?
Who came first?
Who did that?

What? (wot) = Apa?

1. What did the exhibition consist of?
What are they doing?
What kind of grade did you make in the university last year?
What was your major while you were a college student?
What projectiles did they use last week?
2. What must we do?
What do you want to be?
What’s this?
What’s that?
What did they do?
3. What’s your last name?
What’s your clan?
What do you want? Please tell me!
What’s matter with you?
What is the price of this book?
4. What is his native language?
What’s the price?
What’s happened?
What will you have for dinner tomorrow?
What’s the matter with him?
5. What time do you get up every day?
What is the date today?
What is the right time?
What does he want?
What time is it?
6. What did she tell you after I had left?
What news is there?
What does she need?
What are you looking for?
What time are you coming back?
7. What has caused the explosion?
What do you mean?
What did you say just now?
What do you carry water in?
What do you think of me?
8. What do you think of that?
What do you suggest?
What do you generally do after you get up?
What is making that noise?
What about it?

9. What are the main of breakfast did you have this morning?
What did you find in the barn yesterday?
What is he up to?
What’s he driving at?
What was Marina holding when you called her last night?
10. What is your decision?
What’s the joke?
What are you talking about?
What are you thinking about?
What are you doing here?
11. What’s your excuse?
What can I do for you?
What else can I do for you?
What size do you want?
What size shoes do you wear?
12. What is you nationality?
What deposit do I have to pay?
What is the handling charge?
What time can you make it?
What are you interested in?
13. What’s your father’s name?
What year were you born in?
What is the quickest way to get there?
What’s wrong?
What do you plan tomorrow?
14. What’s the matter?
What do you know about the tenth century?
What’s the name of this village?
What kind of climate do you have?
What are you laughing at?
15. What’s your address?
What did you debate about last night?
What does this sign say?
What does the date of your birth?
What do they do?
16. What did you do at the bus station last Friday?
What will you do after having the degree Helen?
What time does the exhibition begin?
What’s the temperature today?
What’s the right time, please?
17. What time does the sun rise?
What do you want to know?
What do you do during the day?
What do you like to eat?
What do you like to drink?
18. What do you read today?
What are you learning now?
What time did you make up this morning?
What are the principal characteristics of Indonesian?
What are the principal characteristics of your country?
19. What is the source of your information?
What is the ultimate end of creation?
What detained you yesterday?
What made her swoon last night?
What urged them to do such a thing yesterday?


About geckhaskempek

GEC -Global English Club- is extracurricular of MA KHAS Kempek Cirebon West Java Indonesia with vision "Be Intellectual by English".
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