What are some of the daily activities that you do at home?

What are some of the daily activities that you do at home? : Apa kegiatan sehari-hari yang sering anda lakukan di rumah?

I wake up at 7am every morning. I press the snooze button five times every morning before I turn off the alarm and get up. I have a cup of coffee and make breakfast. I usually read the newspaper while I have breakfast. My children like to have a shower after they have breakfast but I like to have a shower before I get dressed. My wife brushes her long hair, and I have short hair so I comb my hair.

It is important to brush your teeth, and some women like to put make-up on. After I have finished work, I go home to cook dinner. In my house I usually make dinner. The family eat dinner together at 7:30pm.
After dinner I make sure that my children do their homework, and then I watch television. On television I usually watch the News. My wife usually comes to tell me to take the rubbish out, or wash the dishes. Our children feed the dog and the cat before they go to bed and I tell them to go to the bathroom too. If I am sick I have to take my medication, but then I get into my pyjamas and set the alarm so I wake up in the morning. The last things I do is lock the door, turn off the lights, and go to bed.

Vocabulary :

Wake up : bangun tidur
Press the snooze botton: tekan tombol snooze (tidur sebentar)
Turn off the alarm : mematikan alarm
Get up : bangun (dari tempat tidur)
Have a cup of coffee : menikmati kopi
Make breakfast : membuat sarapan pagi
Read the newspaper : membaca koran
Have breakfast : sarapan pagi
Have a shower : mandi
Get dressed : berpakaian
Brush one’s hair : keramas
Comb one’s hair : menyisir rambut
Brush one’s teeth : menggosok gigi
Put make-up on : berias, dandan
Go home : pulang
Cook dinner : memasak makan malam
Make dinner : makan malam
Do one’s homework : mengerjakan PR
Watch Television : menonton TV
Watch the News : nonton berita
Take the rubbish out : membuang sampah
Wash the dishes : mencuci piring (kotor)
Feed the dog and cat : memberi makan anjing dan kucing
Go to bed : (Siap-siap) tidur
Go to the bathroom : Pergi ke kamar mandi
Take one’s medication : Minum obat
Get into one’s pyjamas : memakai baju tidur
Set the alarm : mengatur waktu alarm
Lock the door : mengunci pintu
Turn off the lights : mematikan lampu


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