Let’s Write English

Buku let’s write english dirancang untuk memberikan tuntunan dalam praktek menulis bahasa inggris kepada siswa dan dipandu untuk mengembangkannya,buku ini akan memberikan panduan dalam menulis pola kalimat bahasa Inggris dengan baik dan benar.Siswa di harapkan mampu mengembangkan kepekaan untuk mengoreksi struktur dan urutan kata melalui latihan-latihan dalam buku ini.

Let’s Write English is designed first of all to give students of English the guided practice necessary to develop a working acquaintance with the sentence patterns of written English in their simple and expanded forms and in the major transformations of those forms. It is hoped that students will develop a sensitivity to correct structure and word order through the controlled material presented in this book. This ability to examine their own writing critically will not only greatly assist them in polishing and perfecting writing skills, but should also greatly enhance the students’ reading comprehension. Secondly, Let’s Write Englishis designed to help students develop the ability to combine sentences into paragraphs, then paragraphs into short composition.

The introduction of grammatical structures as lesson material in Let’s Write English is rigidly controlled. The books begin with a review of sentence patterns which students practice by writing them according to formula and then by expanding and combining them in closely controlled, carefully demonstrated ways. In most lessons, sentence practice leads to a suggested paragraph assignment. Carefully spaced throughout the book are Writing Practice lessons which build upon what students have learned in preceding lessons.

There are a lot of writing exercises in the book that have been provided by the author to help students compose sentences from the simplest one line sentence to a complete story consisting of several paragraphs. This book is suitable for anybody who wants to study various styles of writing (narration, description, argumentation and exposition) in English language. By reading this book, students will be able to study how to use time sequence in developing paragraphs, or how to use a general statement and support it with a number of sentences containing particular details. Because writing is closely related to grammar, the author also gives detailed explanations of English structure that are used in written English language. Students are encouraged to do all the writing exercises in the book from the easiest ones in the beginning chapters of the book to the more complicated ones in the final chapters to help them improve their writing skills.

I read this book a lot when I decided to make a living as a writer. Now, I have written thousands of articles on the internet in my personal blogs and website. If you plan to be a professional writer or a journalist, I highly recommend this book to you.


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GEC -Global English Club- is extracurricular of MA KHAS Kempek Cirebon West Java Indonesia with vision "Be Intellectual by English".
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  1. maradona says:

    Gimana caraxa bisa dpet buku ini ?

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