Conversation-Relaxing at The Beach


JOHN             : How nice it is to breathe the fresh sea air.

RIA                  : Yes, I also enjoy going to the beach.

There’s a lot of pollution in the city.

JOHN            : Come on Ria, take off your shoes, and let’s stroll along

the beach on the glittering white sand.

RIA                 : I’d love to. The sand feels soft on your feet.

JOHN             :

Look at the blue sea with the folding waves (the wave chasing after one another).

RIA                 : Do you like swimming, John?

JOHN             : Yes, very much.

A pity I didn’t bring my bathing trunk.

RIA                 : Just as well. Here you’re not allowed to swim, because

there’s an undertow.

JOHN             : No wonder the children are only playing near the


RIA                 : The sun is getting hot.

Let’s sit down and enjoy the sea breeze.

JOHN             : Okay

Those beautiful coconut trees sure look inviting.

RIA                 : We shouldn’t sit in the shade of the coconut trees.

Sometimes the coconuts are blown down by the wind.

JOHN             : Speaking about coconut, I’m feeling thirsty.

Would you like to have a coconut drink?

RIA                 : It’s my favorite past time drinking coconut-water and

lounging under an open sky.

JOHN             : Look, a fishing boat is coming ashore.

RIA                 : Let’s buy some fresh fish to take home.

JOHN             :  Okay. This is what you call “leisure and pleasure at

the beach”.


About geckhaskempek

GEC -Global English Club- is extracurricular of MA KHAS Kempek Cirebon West Java Indonesia with vision "Be Intellectual by English".
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